Studio A

Our Largest room, features a 40-input custom API Gold Seal console, two isolated tracking spaces and acoustics by Tom Hidley. The piano room is 28 x13 and the orchestra pit is 28 x 18.


API 40-input Gold Seal Console
Full Compliment of EQ's 554,550a,550a-1,550b,560
API 525 compressors (x6)
API 205L DI Module
API 225L compressor (x3)
API 235L Gates (x4)

Pro Tools HD3 v10
HD192 (x3)
Digidesign Sync

C-5 Yamaha 7' Conservatory Grand
Hammond C-3 Organ with Leslie
Fender Rhodes Piano

Ampex MM1200 with 2" 24 & 16 track headstacks and 1" 8 tracks headstacks
Dolby A/SR noise reduction 24 tracks

Tascam DV-RA1000 HD
Tascam CD-RW2000
Tascam DA-45 HR Dat
Tascam 122 MKIII

Lexicon 960
Lexicon PCM 70
Sony R7
Yamaha SPX-90II
Eventide H910 Harmonizer
Sony D7

Teletronix LA2A
API 2500 bus compressor
Focusrite Red3
UREI 1176 (x3)
UREI LA4 (x2)
DBX 160vu (x2)
DBX 165a
DBX 160x (x2)

Sierra-Hidley (Westlake) mains
Yamaha NS10
Bryston, Crown and SAE amplifiers

The microphone selection is shared between both Studio A & Studio B.
A selection of amplifiers and instruments are also available for use in either room.