About Us

Bias Studios is a group of music-loving, tech-savvy professionals who approach every project with one goal: to help our clients perform and sound their best. Technical excellence is a given, and the icing on the cake is the warm, comfortable feel of our studios and staff. We hear it over and over again – how much fun people have here, how much it feels like home.

It’s hard to beat our track record: in business since 1973; dozens of Grammy-winning and nominated projects; Gold, Platinum, Multi-Platinum sellers; 19 years W.A.M.A. Best Studio; engineers with multiple Grammy awards on their mantels; engineers who have gone to the Grammy Award ceremonies as nominees themselves for their engineering and production excellence. Our greatest pride is hearing musicians tell us how thrilled they are with their project, having them come back time and again to create with us.

So, that’s the heart and soul, and here you have the nuts and bolts:

  •  15 minutes south of Washington, DC
  •  two recording studios
  •  a mastering studio
  •  top-notch engineers

So, please... explore this site to learn more or contact us. We would love to talk about your project or schedule a time for you to come by to see and hear our rooms in person.