Bob Dawson

Bob has been producing music professionally since 1972 and he’s never waivered from his goal of helping artists capture their best performances, while having a whole lot of fun doing it. That comfortable, easy-going atmosphere created in Bob’s studio brings out the best for singers, instrumentalists, arrangers, composers, and other producers.

Check it out:

  • GRAMMY Award for Caribbean Jazz Project - Afro Bop Alliance
  • GRAMMY Award for Bon Appetit – Cathy Fink and Marcy Marxer
  • Five-time GRAMMY-nominee for his production work with John McCutcheon
  • Two-time Producer of the Year – WAMA
  • Best Recording Engineer 5 YEARS - WAMA
  • Platinum (QUADRUPLE) sales – Mary Chapin Carpenter – Come On Come On
  • Platinum (DOUBLE) sales – Mary Chapin Carpenter – Stones in the Road
  • Platinum Sales – Dave Matthews Band – Recently
  • Platinum sales – Dave Matthews Band – Remember Two Things
  • Gold sales – Chuck Brown – Bustin’ Loose
  • Gold sales – Mary Chapin Carpenter – State of the Heart
  • Gold sales – Mary Chapin Carpenter – Party Doll and Other Favorites
  • Gold sales – Mary Chapin Carpenter – A Place in the World
The first thing that comes to mind - besides the given that he is a great engineer - is his ability as a person to hang with any crowd and contribute in a comfortable manner. It’s really something that sets Bob apart from most people, period.
— Nils Lofgren
Bob is one of the most talented people I have ever had the privilege to know, much less work with.
— Mary Chapin Carpenter
He does every kind of music and he does them all well. He’s got incredible ears and he’s incredibly thorough, very meticulous and insanely fast. It sounds like the ideal situation, and it is.
— John Jennings
One of the class acts of the recording industry.
— Pro Sound News