Mike Fisher

Mike (AKA Fish) spent 5 years at Bias honing his engineering and production skills working with a diverse list of musical masters such as Cephas and Wiggins, Bela Fleck, Peter Rowan, Royce Campbell, John Jennings and Jon Carroll. He now freelances for Bias and enjoys coming back to work with old friends and new, keeping his production chops sharp and current.

Fish draws on his experience as both a guitar player and a graduate of the Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences to bring the best of both worlds: behind the board and in front of the mic. As an avid fan of good, old-fashioned rock and roll, alt country, bluegrass and the jam band scene, he helps his artists achieve the feel they’re going for with the sound that fits the package.

He’s musically smart, technically adept and a whole lot of fun. If you would like to record your project with Fish, let us know and we will set you up.

Some of Fish’s projects:


  • Afro Blue - Freedom in Song
  • Austin Mendenhall - What's The Rush
  • Cyndi Frame - Waiting For Christmas
  • Ellen Gozion - Awake Awake
  • Eric Maring - Penguins Rock The World
  • Frank Solivan - Selfish Tears
  • Gordon Titcomb - Last Train
  • Green Eggs and Sam - Supersize
  • Jancy - Pa'que Lo Bailes
  • Jawbone - Jawbone
  • Jennifer Cutting - Ocean: Songs For The Night Sea
  • Jeremy Ragsdale - Jeremy
  • John McCutcheon - Stand Up! Broadsides For Our Times
  • Jon Carroll - Love Returns
  • Julie Keim - Only Yesterday
  • Karen Henderson - Luminous
  • Keith Elgin- Seize The Day
  • Keith Wesby - Once and Again
  • Larry Doll - Kissing A Fool
  • Larry Doll - The Music Never Ends
  • Laura Secker - Send Me A Letter
  • Laura Tsaggaris - Proof
  • Martinez and Guthrie - Gathering Change
  • Mary Ann Redmond - Here I Am
  • Mary Hall Surface/David Maddox - Odyssey Of Telemaca
  • No Second Troy - No Second Troy
  • No Second Troy - Fall
  • Noah Getz - Cross Currents
  • Perry Conticchio - Speak Your Truth
  • Phil Laeger - All I Held Onto
  • Potomac Jazz Project - The Scenic Route
  • Run Silent Run Deep - RSRD
  • Run Silent Run Deep - These Are My Iron Teeth
  • Teddy Baker - Mug Shots
  • The Reserves - Where Have All The Dreamers Gone?
  • The Slow Burn - Let's Do It
  • The WeatherVanes - The WeatherVanes
  • Ubiquitone - Americondition